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By Blood We Live (Last Werewolf Trilogy #3)

By Blood We Live (Last Werewolf Trilogy #3)

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Publication Date: November 4th, 2014
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The final battle between werewolves and vampires has an unexpected twist: love.

With twenty thousand years under his belt, Remshi is the oldest vampire in existence. He is searching for the werewolf named Talulla, who haunts his dreams as a memory from his ancient past. But he is not the only one seeking Talulla: She is being hunted by the Militi Christi, a fanatical Christian cult hell-bent on wiping out werewolves and vampires alike. Inexplicably pulled toward one another, and with no other choice, Remshi and Talulla must join forces to protect their families, fulfill an ancient prophecy and - through a love that should be impossible - ensure the survival of their species.

About the Author

Glen Duncan is the author of nine previous novels. He lives in London.

Praise for By Blood We Live (Last Werewolf Trilogy #3)

“When books are as good as Duncan’s, we can drink them in greedily.”—The New York Times Book Review 
“Glen Duncan is back at the top of his game with By Blood We Live.” —Washington Post
“Duncan offer[s] two rarified qualities that the Gothic genre often lacks: exquisite writing and a refined literary sensibility.”—Richard Times-Dispatch
“Duncan’s writing does more than transcend genre fiction: it creeps up on it in the dead of night, rips out its heart, then eats it.”—The Guardian
“Duncan writes with caustic edge and pop-culturally relevant humor.” —Dallas Morning News
“The horror genre at its best—wildly imaginative, written with wit and intelligence, wickedly entertaining.”  —The Times (UK) 
“There are plenty of battles, blood, and sexy escapades; but the real treat continues to be Duncan’s beautifully twisted way with language and the profound thesis he poses about humanity.”—Booklist
“A page-turner with heft. . . . Storytelling to chill the blood.”—Sunday Herald (Scotland)
“Horror fiction at its best.”—The Oregonian
“Vigorous, funny, sexy and necessary at a time when so much genre fiction is drowning in melancholy vampires and self-serious teen dystopias.”—Kirkus