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Advances in Queueing Theory and Network Applications (Lecture Notes in Mathematics; 754 #754)

Advances in Queueing Theory and Network Applications (Lecture Notes in Mathematics; 754 #754)

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Publication Date: December 19th, 2008
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Queueing Processes.- Two Sided DQBD Process and Solutions to the Tail Decay Rate Problem and Their Applications to the Generalized Join Shortest Queue.- Analytical Model of On-Demand Streaming Services Based on Renewal Reward Theory.- Single-Server Queues.- A Pure Decrement Service Geom/G/1 Queue with Multiple Adaptive Vacations.- Performance Analysis of an M/M/1 Working Vacation Queue with Setup Times.- Modeling of Production System with Nonrenewal Batch Input, Early Setup, and Extra Jobs.- Performance Analysis of an M/E k /1 Queue with Balking and Two Service Rates Based on a Single Vacation Policy.- Multiple Queues.- Markovian Polling Systems: Functional Computation for Mean Waiting Times and its Computational Complexity.- Performance Analysis of a Two-Station MTO/MTS Production System.- Finite-Buffer Queues.- Analysis of an M/M/c/N Queueing System with Balking, Reneging, and Synchronous Vacations.- Analysis of Mixed Loss-Delay M/M/m/K Queueing Systems with State-Dependent Arrival Rates.- Asymptotic Behavior of Loss Rate for Feedback Finite Fluid Queue with Downward Jumps.- Explicit Probability Density Function for the Length of a Busy Period in an M/M/1/K Queue.- Network Applications.- Performance Analysis of ARQ Schemes in Self-Similar Traffic.- Modeling of P2P File Sharing with a Level-Dependent QBD Process.- Performance Analysis of a Decentralized Content Delivery System with FEC Recovery.- Blocking Probabilities of Multiple Classes in IP Networks with QoS Routing.

About the Author

Wuyi Yue is a Doctor of Engineering in Applied Mathematics and Physics. She has worked for years in research and as a professor in her field. She is currently a professor at Konan University in Kobe, Japan, in the Department of Information Sciences and Systems Enginnering and the Faculty of Science and Engineering. She is also the Director of Intelligent Information and Communications Techonology. She has served as the organizing chair of many committees and international conferences, as well as published numerous monographs and journal articles. Yutaka Takahashi has actively worked in the field of computer science, communication networks, operations research and systems science. He pioneered a technique for a nalzying the performance of queuing networks and was the founding co-chairman of the IFIP WG6.3 for Performance Evaluation of Communication Systems. He has organized and served on committees of hundreds of international conferences, and he has edited several books in his field. Hideaki Takagi is a professor at the Institute of Policy and Planning Sciences at the University of Tsukuba, Japan. He received his doctorate of Physics from the University of California, Los Angeles, which he attended with the support of the IBM Japan Overseas Scholarship Program and a contract with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. He has worked in research and academia for years, and is curently the editor of the Performance Evaluation journal and the Queueing Systems journal.