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The Bewitching Hour (Buffy: The Next Generation)

The Bewitching Hour (Buffy: The Next Generation)

Current price: $10.99
Publication Date: January 2nd, 2079
Disney Hyperion


Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan-favorite and LGBTQIA+ icon Tara Maclay gets the main character treatment in this YA prequel full of '90s nostalgia, mysterious murders, and a star-crossed romance, written by New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Ashley Poston.

Seventeen-year-old Tara Maclay is still reeling from the loss of her mother, and her magic, when her father abruptly moves their family to charming Hellborne, Vermont. Well, if “charming” means a history of witch burnings so strong that its current residents still hold a hatred of all things magic. But if Tara can just keep her head down, then maybe she can make it through this year without Hellborne living up to its name.

Of course, her plan falls apart immediately. When students start mysteriously dying around her, Tara finds herself voted Most Likely to Have Murdered Them by the remaining senior class. And her only chance of clearing her name is teaming up with Daphne, the fellow new girl Tara’s totally crushing on—who also just so happens to be a witch hunter.

. . . Okay, so maybe it’s not the worst thing that Tara’s magic is majorly malfunctioning.

As the body count rises, Tara will have to overcome her fears, reconnect with her magic, and cast herself in a more central role to save the town—even if it means putting her new relationship at risk.

About the Author

Ashley Poston is a New York Times best-selling author. She spends her time in South Carolina, New York, and all the bookstores in between. You can find her in spaces across the internet, watching cat videos and reading fanfiction.