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The Bolden Directive

The Bolden Directive

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Publication Date: November 20th, 2012
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Jack Bolden's wife was murdered twenty-five years ago in Washington, DC. The police concluded it had been a random drive-by shooting and Jack never recovered from the devastating loss. His zeal for life died with his wife. But he hid the pain well, now flying as an airline pilot and serving a couple of weekends each month as a reservist at the Defense Intelligence Agency. However, if he wasn't on the job, you would likely find him alone in his condo in San Francisco. He had only a handful of friends and no real interests outside of work. Jack's long-time friend had risen through the ranks to become the Director of Defense Intelligence. But Jack gets late word that his friend is suddenly retiring. Jack hastily rearranges his flying schedule in order to attend the retirement ceremony. Seeing his old friend, Jack was shocked. The man was clearly ill. After the retirement ceremony, the general confided in Jack that he had terminal leukemia. But that wasn't the only bad news. Jack's old friend told him, "Before I die, you need to know that we recently found out who murdered your wife. It wasn't a random killing. She was targeted. And you'll never believe who is responsible for her death." Jack's dearest friend died the next day, and the circumstances of his death made Jack suspicious. But the news regarding the murderer of his wife, coupled with the sudden death of his best friend, was only the beginning of Jack's unraveling.