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Hell in a Handbasket (Devilish Debutantes)

Hell in a Handbasket (Devilish Debutantes)

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Publication Date: April 1st, 2023
In for a Penny Publishing, LLC
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In the second story of the Devil's Debutante's series, Sophia Babineaux, wallflower extraordinaire, has landed a husband And a good one at that Lord Harold, the second son of a duke, is kind, gentle, undemanding. Perhaps a little too undemanding? Because after one chance encounter with skilled rake, Captain Devlin Brooks, Sophia realizes that perhaps there is something missing between Lord Harold and herself... passion... sizzle... well... everything. And as the wedding date nears, all of this suddenly seems to matter a great deal.

Because Captain Brooks turns out to be her fianc 's cousin and isn't going away. Neither, she realizes, are the feelings she's developed for him Unable to extricate herself from the betrothal, due to manipulation by both his family and hers, Sophia finds herself confused, trapped and... married. To a man who is in love with his valet

Thank God for Devlin For he and Harold devise a plan to end the marriage. Harold wishes to be free to live as he chooses, and Dev and Sophia want to explore the feelings they've developed for one another... Except they have failed to consider some unintended consequences. They could not have known all that could possibly go wrong, and after all has been set in motion, matters have spiraled out of control The star crossed lovers, caught up in tragedy and regret, are well on their way...